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27 Sep

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We loooooooove Florence. In 2009, John and I visited Rome, Florence and Venice. It was off-season and I will never ever forget running around empty Venice, making out like teenagers in narrow little alleyways, freezing our asses off. I don’t think I even ever want to see it during a different time, it was just that great.  Years ago, Roger Ebert wrote the most beautiful open love-letter to his wife, briefly talking about how that was also their favorite time to go —  you know what, if you haven’t read it, it is just wonderful:

Anyhow, while Venice was a definitely highlight of our trip to Italy, there was one more. The bistecca alla florentina – Florentine steak – at a little mom and pop restaurant called Pandemonio just across the bridge in Florence.

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I have had 2 life-changing steaks in my life. This Florentine, and one at Babbo in NYC that made me want to bring the cow back to life, kiss it’s face and kill it all over again.

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You were a good cow.

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Propped up on one side by a spoon and pieces of bread on one side, the juice fills the edge, creating a pool of olive oily, meaty, salty deliciousness for you to dip your bites into. Oh baby.

ALSO RECOMMEND: Mama’s homemade pasta with special mama meat sauce (errr) SO WONDERFUL

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Sigh. I miss it already. A night in Florence wasn’t even in our original plan but hey, it’s steak.



24 Sep

Man, what a beautiful, beautiful place.

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Since I’m still out of cooking commission, I’m feeling pretty worthless in this blogging thing….currently boating our way through Greece, trying to detox all the pasta we have consumed in the past week. How much pasta could two people eat in one week? Well let’s see…7 days in a week, pasta 3 times a day, (lunch, second lunch/first dinner, dinner) times two people, romantically sharing like those dogs from that movie I never saw because I was busy watching murder movies with mom yep, that young….well it’s a lot of pasta.

Also got to eat the best pizza of our lives there. OUR ENTIRE LIVES.

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DFDkldjgldksjgsgkjdskgjsdgkjdsgj. The crust. Nothing will ever, ever compare.

I am dying to get an outdoor pizza oven in LA. I once googled if non-businesses can get customized pizza boxes. I tested logos (turns out my face is cartoony just as it is) They can. We can. This is my next goal in life. My goals are quite small but very filling.

But, oh yes, we ate more (I have no clue if anyone is interested in this but I figure since I was the loser taking all the pictures of things she eats, I might as well post em)

Here are some of the tastiest things that went down my eat hole in beautiful Portofino…

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Oh hi!

19 Sep

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It’s been a while but rather than address it, let’s pretend I never left (like your dad!) (yikes) (jk)

So we are in bliss. Obviously so happy, but more than that, SO HUNGRY.

“What are you doing to get ready for the wedding?” was a question I dreaded answering, because there is nothing I hate more than diet talk . But I’ve decided the only thing worse than diet talk are people pretending they eat whatever they want, whenever they want, and still look good. Lying. Bastards.

Before the wedding, I decided I would stop with the low-carb. I mean, it works for a bit. But hello. The fact I could eat 10 pounds of bacon and not a piece of pineapple — well that was a bit insane. I ate normally, incorporated grains that I am ashamed to even know the names of, and…..WORKED. OUT. I actually kind of got on a workout kick. The worst part of working out ended up being the drive there (I was in LA a lot, and going to Physique 57 — a barre class I LOVE– which was in Beverly Hills AKA not close to me) but man. I was really proud of myself. I remember waking up at 6am on a Sunday. A GOD DAMN SUNDAY, and having John look at me and say, “who. are. you.” I was on a mission. I even bought weights online that I never used and simply stared at while in bed, playing Mario. That’s something, right?

Anyhoo, every single workout, every single time I turned down the pasta for a kale salad…every time we had a bbq and I sat on my bed telling myself ribs aren’t even that delicious, I said to myself, “A few more weeks, Chrissy. Then anything goes.”

And holy shit. Everything is going. Everything is going inside me. Go ahead and say it. Because that is. what she said.

I’m taking pictures of every meal I can. At this very moment, I am full of minestrone, bread, and vodka soda. I am laying next to John here in Capri and want to share as much as possible with you. I’ve missed you.

Thank you so much for all the well-wishes. As long as we were already together, it’s still nice to look over and see a ring on his finger. I hope to fatten him up so much on this trip that it is impossible for him to ever remove it.

Love you guys. Happy to be back.

And for the record, that is a ginormous carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. We cut it, it fell on the floor, rolled around, and John fed it to me. We then did the one thing I swore we wouldn’t do — the face shove.

Twas an amazing night.