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6-5-4 Days of Ramen — Day 4

29 Dec

Screen Shot 2012-12-30 at 9.02.51 AM

Is there an attractive way to slurp up noods?

Aaaaaaah. The last day of ramenfest. Our last day in Tokyo. What am I going to do without my daily bowl of sodium and carby goodness once I go back home!? Sure, there’s ramen there. But it just won’t be the same.

Thanks to a message from Ivan of Ivan Ramen (coming soon to NYC and we just happennnnn to be moving nearby), we had to make an extremely difficult decision: do we spend our last day of ramen eating at the place we couldn’t stop thinking about, Kyushu Jangara, or do we change it up for, well, you! Do I selfishly please my taste buds or take the risk?

Thankfully, we realized that taking a risk in Tokyo isn’t really taking a risk at all. This country. This food. These people. Everything is wonderful. There aren’t too many risks. It’s hard to be displeased here, it really is.

And so we did it. After a quick google search of 3 ramen places recommended by Ivan, we decided upon…

Okay I’ve never gotten to set up anything suspenseful let me do this please…

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