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cooking school…

25 Dec

Did another vacation cooking class! This one wasn’t quite as interactive — everything was already chopped and measured and chopping is pretty much our favorite thing ever. Pad Thai, Panang curry, and som tum, or papaya salad.

Oh, I forgot I was gonna tell you guys more about the resort restaurant, Salt! Basically, it was the shit. Amazing. A guy comes around with a cart loaded with a hundred different types of salt and with each dish and tells you the best pairing for your Thai dish. For salt freaks like us, it was basically heaven.

Here’s some pictures from the Salt cooking class 🙂


xx : )

No words…

22 Dec

Anantara Kihavah, Maldives.


21 Dec

The fish we caught yesterday, grilled, prepared and brought to our room by the wonderful chefs here…

How happy and proud does John look here!

Needing some new euphemisms for “delicious”. Wanna say it all too often!



21 Dec

Since we wake up at 3AM anyhow, why not sign up for some early morning deep sea fishing? The first 3 hours went something like this…

Not included: me vomiting from slowly rocking back and forth, at a standstill in the middle of the indian ocean.

Then we threw out the idea of the fancy schmancy rig setup and used some good ol’ fashion poles. Which brought back vivid memories of the countless dollars my family spent at Target or Earnst getting me cheap shit, child-size, minnie mouse, plastic fishing poles as a young monster. They broke with EVERY. SINGLE. USE. But we bought another every time and I was endlessly happy.

Anyhow, things really started working out for us, once the clock started ticking down on our 4-hour boat maximum…

Okay. So there’s a chair that kinda reminded me of my gyno, but besides that, it was the old fashioned way.

Bam! First fish. A….I don’t know. They told us at the time but we were too excited to care. Definitely not something we’ve ever heard of. Trevally, I believe.

Then my turn. Not sure what emotion was flowing through my face here. I think it was 40% “whoa, a fish”, 10% “this fish is pretty”, and 50% “I feel terrible we are killing this fish right before my very eyes just because he was dumb enough to try and eat”.

“Let’s throw him back!”, I stupidly said as this fish had a thick hook going through his little fish midsection. To which this guy responded, “How about I just cut his jaw off”…by just cutting it off.

Goodbye, my sweet. If mom is right, I am gonna be reborn as this thing for killing it.

RIP. Will honor your memory by enjoying you for breakfast tomorrow. If it helps, I will feel a little bad about it.


easy pumpkin spice lattes!

20 Dec

I knowwww I know. I’m on vacation. And although the heat and humidity is pretty insane, I’m still thinking of this .. the perfect holiday drink. One of my favorite sites, yumsugar, posted this super easy, super brief video on how to make pumpkin spice lattes. I, of course, imagine it being half Baileys. Oooo can you imagine??

By the way, hit up for regular ol’ grocery store spice section rigggght now. So many “limited” holiday spices! Along with pumpkin pie spice, I just got maple-sugar (would be so good sprinkled atop cupcakes or, my tongue) and vanilla-cinnamon before I left.

Of course, you could get these any time of the year at fancypants places. I pretty much just wanted to write the words maple-sugar. Fucking amazing.



ps, thanks for the photo, starbucks. (only click if you wanna know how bad their version is for you)

What I’m Eating…

20 Dec

Since I am not cooking, sigh, I now present: What I’m eating. I don’t know what this accomplishes for you, or if you even care. But there is some damn good food here that I can’t help but take annoying photos of…

Shrimp with chorizo in a….umm I dunno, some garlicy deliciousness.

Arugula salad with prosciutto and parm

Papaya salad (extra spicy!) with fire roasted shrimp

Seafood satay on lemongrass stick — so much flavor!

The best. tom yum. ever.

Fried whole fish with galangal and chili

….Will tell you more about this insanely delicious Thai restaurant when I get back — time to go big-game fishing now. Oh dear.



19 Dec

Missing a bit of the Christmas spirit here. Would post a bunch of lame beach pictures but don’t wanna bore you. It’s gross, the water is black and smells like tires and the sand feels like those last bits of glass from a fight with your boyfriend you had over his work schedule and selfishness that fall under the counter that you can’t pick up then years later they reemerge and you’re all what the fuck I haven’t dropped a glass in years and I knowwww I haven’t thrown one for at least a month ouch this hurts I want to go home.

Not really. It’s gorgeous here. A little overcast. No, very overcast. But can’t complain.

China was first…wish I was awake enough to partake in delicious late-night hot pots hot enough to make my sinuses run, or even just gotten a chance to have a sit-down meal anywhere outside the hotel. But no…traffic (INSANE THERE!) provided me with only enough energy to eat at the above photo….a KFC. Which was DELCIOUS by the way. Extra-spicy extra-crispy chicken wings? Yes please. Always want.

Now in the Maldives, off the coast of Sri Lanka, in bed with steamy windows (not like the Titanic scene, just from it being soooo warm and rainy out), football / parks and rec on John’s computer and vodka sodas all around.

Hoping to do a few cooking classes this week! So my next post should be reporting back from that 🙂

Happy holidays everyone!!